Each piece mirrors the narrative of Baker's book

A UNIQUE exhibition on the artwork of author and illustrator Jeannie Baker will be shown at Blacktown Arts Centre from November 24 to February 2, next year.

Mirror is an engaging and innovative exhibition of the unique collage illustration of her books that include the award-winning Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

The exhibition features detailed, layered, collages made from salvaged materials that give a three-dimensional effect. It portrays the story of two boys and their families; one from inner city Sydney, and the other from a remote village in Morocco, North Africa.

She links two diverse countries and cultures to demonstrate how people on opposite sides of the world can be connected despite geographical and cultural differences.

Each piece can be viewed to mirror the narrative of Baker's book.

The stories will wrap around the gallery, one to the right, one to the left - to meet in the middle where you view yourself in a real life-sized mirror.

Some of the tiny three-dimensional framed pictures will be internally lit to heighten the sense of time and place.

Copies of Jeannie Baker's book, Mirror, and an education kit featuring six-colour prints from the book will be available for purchase at Blacktown Arts Centre at Flushcombe Road during the exhibition period.

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