Golden anniversary

Golden anniversary

KEITH AND CAROL DAVIS married in St Marys on Australia Day, 1963, built their home in St Marys the next year and have lived there ever since.

Mrs Davis, 71 this Friday, also lives within walking distance of her old home in Mamre Road, where she was born.

By contrast Mr Davis, 72, had an unsettled childhood with his family moving house many times.

This Australia Day they will be celebrating their golden anniversary in the same place they had their reception: St Marys Memorial Hall, with some of their original guests.

They have two children — Brett and Kimberley — nine grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

Keith Davis met Carol Viney almost 55 years ago.

"I lived at Springwood," Mr Davis said. "I turned up at Carol's house wearing jeans and a leather jacket."

His wife remembers it well: "My mother said there was a hood at the door".

But things went well and they were engaged two years later.

"I turned 21 on January 25, so we got married the next day."

They have seen many changes in St Marys since then.

"There were only five or six houses around us," Mr Davis said.

Mrs Davis said St Marys was more like a country town.

"We never had to lock our doors," she said. "We couldn't do that now.

"On Mamre Road they used to keep cows and there was a tree with bees where we'd pinch honey."

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