'Asbestos' risk sticking

DON'T do it yourself or you'll do yourself in.

While the Asbestos Disease Foundation uses this slogan to warn of the dangers of unsafe renovations, it seems the warning isn't sticking.

When Kelly Robson arrived at her aunt's home she was shocked to see it covered in dust from renovations next door.

Concerned that the old house was contaminated with asbestos, she approached the workman who appeared to be unconcerned.

"I asked why he was moving asbestos," she said.

"He said it was all under control, but the dust was everywhere.

"The workmen said they had told the council they had used all the safety measures."

But Blacktown Council attended the home later that day and determined the site was contaminated with asbestos.

According to WorkCover NSW, a licence is needed to remove asbestos from an area larger than 10 square metres.

Ms Robson said what workmen removed from the neighbour's house was far beyond that size.

"They didn't have any licence to remove asbestos," she said.

"This was well and truly more than 10 square metres."

Home owner Pamela Robson and her son Daniel Thomas are avid gardeners whose expensive greenhouse and produce were covered in the toxic substance.

Blacktown Council is aiming to resolve the matter as quickly as possible to ensure the correct safety people are involved.

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