VIDEO: Children discover delights of reading

WHO knew that doing the movements to songs such as Open Shut Them and Row Row Row Your Boat could not only be fun but also beneficial?

"Finger rhymes such as Open Shut Them are important for the fine motor skills and hand-eye-co-ordination; other songs such as Row Row Row Your Boat, using big arm movements, are good for gross motor skills," Lee Castledine, of Lethbridge Park, said.

They are some of the songs she's incorporated into Blacktown libraries' Baby Rhyme Time early literacy program.

There was also time for listening to board books and simple stories.

Watch our video interview, shot by Fairfax Media videographer Chris Lane.

"Children learn the phonetics of words which will help them learn to read," Ms Castledine said.

"They love borrowing books and know all the nursery rhymes," Amy Whitelaw said of her three daughters.

Her youngest Ruby, 3, loves Baa, Baa, Black Sheep best.

Her sister Claire, 5 said she loved the clapping and dancing — and "being loud" with the rattles. In 2011-12, 930 pre-literacy programs were held across Blacktown City, including Baby Rhyme Time. More than 40,000 people have attended.

Baby Rhyme Time is free at Max Webber Library, Blacktown (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am-10.30am and 11am-11.30am) and Our Library @ The Mount Druitt Hub (Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am-10.30am). 

How has Baby Rhyme Time helped with your child's development? 

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