Lessons reflect real world

ROOTY Hill High School students were encouraged to think broadly about sustainability

and its impacts when What’s UpWest? youth engagement officer Lawrence Muslitta delivered workshops on Friday to mark Sustainability Day.

The organisation gives young people an opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard on topics such as mental health, environmental sustainability, multiculturalism and global poverty.

History, geography and English teacher Manvir Singh said though the perception that sustainability only related to the environment persisted, the school had several programs in place to focus on all aspects.

‘‘Teachers are constantly promoting environmental sustainability and we have our own school garden,’’ he said.

‘‘In terms of cultural and social sustainability the school really pushes community involvement.

‘‘We have lots of different cultural programs, like Maori and Pacific Islander programs,

and we also provide a lot of leadership opportunities within the school.’’

Students in years 7-10 have the chance to become junior ambassadors that assist with

special events on the school calendar including Harmony Day, year 6 orientation and

school art exhibition Art on the Hill.

‘‘These sorts of activities act as a way to reinforce what we do in the classroom,’’ Mr

Singh said.

‘‘Kids are able to learn the content and see real-world examples.’’

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