Rodney Rude again

COMEDIAN Rodney Keft — better known as Rodney Rude — has made a star-studded career out of swear words, bawdy ballads and political correctness.

But there's one rule that Keft lives by off-stage.

"I don't swear in real life," Keft said.

"Swearing in comedy is another tool to reach an end. It's a timing device.

"You need to put a swear word at the right place to make an impact in your performance."

Keft is back on the road with his newest show, Wrong Hole Tour, which he will perform at St Marys Band Club on Friday, December 6.

Keft said audiences could expect a show that pushes all boundaries.

"They always get comedy that they can't get anywhere else," he said. "It's the advent of political correctness. Political correctness has laid a platform for me to really lay the boot in."

Keft said his shows are based on topics that aren't often brought up in public discussion.

"I've always spoken about things of a sexual nature and I have always noticed a lot of comedy these days steers away from it a bit," he said.

At 70, this will be Keft's last tour ever.

"I've got a family now and I want to stay home."

Over the past 54 years, Keft has sold well in excess of three million CDs, videos and DVDs.

He has also been nominated for six ARIA awards.

Cost: $55.

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