Ultimate 2013 Television Quiz

How in-tune with 2013 were you? Find out.

Sharpen a pencil and get a fresh sheet of paper to take this Ultimate 2013 Quiz which will both test and surprise you. Answers below (but no cheating).

1. Name the US anchor who undertook an on-air mammogram who later discovered she had cancer?

2. Who won Big Brother Australia 2013?

3. In which South American country was Brody held captive in the latest season of Homeland.

4. Which Modern Family couple is rumoured to wed and where?

5. Which Australian network has the largest number of 25-49 viewers?

6. Who took over the presenter role of Media Watch in mid-2013?

7. Name the high-profile Australian singer who will join The Voice in 2014 as a coach.

8. Tina Arena won Dancing With The Stars. True or false?

9. Name the host of Ten's quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?

10. Who plays Luther in the BBC series of the same name?

11. Which couple won My Kitchen Rules in 2013, and which state were they representing?

12. What was the name of the private girls' school attended by Ja'mie King?

13. Who is Lawrence Mooney's "sidekick" on Dirty Laundry Live?

14. What is the name of the family of drag-racers in Upper Middle Bogan?

15. Under what assumed names were the pair of Russian spies in The Americans living in the United States?

16. Who is the Prime Minister in Borgen and what is the name of the actress who plays her?

17. Who is the crime-family matriarch fighting for the position of "top dog" against Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) in Wentworth?

18. In the final episode of Offspring, did Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) give birth to a boy or girl?

19. What is the name of the family estate in A Place to Call Home?

20. Who created the ABC comedy series, It's a Date?

21. Which Mad Men actress starred in the New Zealand miniseries Top of the Lake?

22. Robyn Nevin starred in which ABC comedy?

23. Who replaced Melissa Doyle as co-host of Sunrise?

24. Which Danish drama made Faroe Island knitwear famous?

25. Name the man 30 Rock's Liz Lemon married and his occupation.

26. What killed Sybil Branson in Downton Abbey?

27. On which series was the song Rains of Castamere played?

28. Which Simpsons character was ''retired'' after the person who voiced them died?

29. In 30 Rock, who was named the new president of NBC?

30. Which Australian network aired the documentary The Man With The Biggest Testicles?

31. Who killed Danny Latimer?

32. Who won this year's Gold Logie?

33. What's the title of season three of American Horror Story?

34. What kind of business were Nicola and Charlie Buchanan in?

35. Who ran the MasterChef Professionals kitchen?

36. David Campbell co-hosted this year's Carols by Candlelight with Lisa Wilkinson. Who did he replace?

37. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss won an Emmy this year for Veep. How many Emmys has she won now?

38. Louis-Dreyfuss has now broken the Emmys record for most-nominated comedic actress. Who did she beat?

39. Name the new co-host on this year's Dancing With The Stars

40. Which Spice Girl was a judge on Australia's Got Talent?

41. Which veteran actor played the previously unknown character the War Doctor in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode ''The Day of the Doctor''?

42. Name the three Australian crime-themed series in which actor Jarod Daperis appeared in 2013.

43. Did the opening credits of The Great Australian Bake-Off feature a giant lamington as the engine of an SL/R Torana or a Model T Ford?

44. Which Christian apologist, literary critic and writer created priest-detective Father Brown (as seen on ABC1)?

45. Who did actor Remy Hii portray in the two-part local drama Better Man?

46. The brown leather outfit Sandra Sully wore in the first episodes of Wanted was likened by viewers on social media to the leather jerkin outfit worn by which character in Game of Thrones?

47. Who played Barney's father in How I Met Your Mother?

48. In which supernatural drama series do Blutbaden, Eisbiber, Hexebiest and Fuchsbau feature?

49. On which pay TV channel does the Australian version of Grand Designs screen?

50. Is the one-eyed spaceship captain Turanga Leela from Futurama an alien or a mutant?

51. True or false? Tim ''The Bachelor'' Robards once worked as a shower demonstrator, washing himself in shopping centres?

52. How many months was Grant Denyer host of Million Dollar Minute before quitting?

53. What date this year was analog television switched off forever?

54. Which actor holds the Guinness World Record for longest continuous role in an Australian series?

55. Whose favourite pastime is jumping up and down in muddy puddles?

56. Which Gruen regular learned how to juggle this year?

57. On whose novels is Justified based?

58. How many homes are monitored to decide the free-to-air ratings Australia wide?

59. Which actor had his missing Best Actor Logie returned in December after losing it more than 20 years ago?

60. What was the last ever line when Packed To The Rafters ended on July 2.

61. What was the name of Ja'mie's African boyfriend on Ja'mie: Private School Girl?

62. Which presenter departed from Channel Ten's Wake Up morning show three weeks after it launched?

63. True or false? Bananas in Pyjamas ceased production this year.

64. Which fictional president from which US drama series was Kevin Rudd accused of imitating when he answered a question about homosexuality from a pastor on Q&A, with, "Well, mate, the Bible also says that slavery is a natural condition".

65. Which UK screenwriter collaborated with local writers on indigenous drama, Redfern Now?

66. What was the name of the Australian documentary that highlighted the immunisation debate?

67. What is the name of the character that Paper Giants' Mandy McElhinney plays in a series of car insurance advertisements?

68. Which female musician plays a musician in Offspring?

69. What was the theme of 2013's Biggest Loser?

70. What is the name of the Scarecrow on Dirtgirlworld?

71. Which Australian actress plays the retailer's wife in Mr Selfridge?

72. What is the name of Dr Chris ''Bondi Vet'' Brown's pet dog, and what breed is he?

73. Who plays the romantic lead on A Place of Our Own, and on which iconic Australian drama series did he get his big break?

74. Which political commentator hosted Canberra Confidential, ABC's documentary about Canberra's secret history?

75. Which Australian actor played Charmian Biggs' solicitor in Mrs Biggs, and in which local black comedy series does she star?

76. The cast of which 1980s comedy sketch show reunited in 2013 for a reunion show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival?

77. The Tour de France celebrated which anniversary in 2013?

78. House Husbands' Julia Morris hosted which television talent show in 2013?

79. Which sports commentator in 2013 moved from a footy panel show to live commentary?

80. Which Australian comedy icon appeared at the 2013 Royal Variety Performance?

81. A global TV and web audience watched the January broadcast of an interview that began with five consecutive questions requiring only a Yes or No answer. Who were the interviewer and subject? (Bonus point: What was the breakdown of Yes and No answers?)

82. Name the veteran ABC sports broadcaster who celebrated his 40th anniversary on air this year.

83. Who was on-air with Eddie McGuire when he made his notorious marks about Adam Goodes and the King Kong stage show?

84. Who delivered this year's Andrew Olle Media Lecture?

85. Which TV veteran dropped the ''F bomb'' on air during the Logie Awards?

86. Which comedian dropped the ''C bomb'' on ABC2 this year and name the show.

87. Name the three politicians who were guest presenters of pre-election Rage specials on the ABC.

88. Which TV current affairs host was embarrassed by her live fumbles during the June Labor leadership showdown?

89. Annabel Crabb had Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd on pre-election specials of Kitchen Cabinet. Which leader cooked salmon?

90. Three FM breakfast radio teams, Hughesy and Kate at Melbourne's Nova, Matt and Jo at Melbourne's Fox and Kyle and Jackie O at Sydney's 2Day FM, broadcast farewell shows on the same day in November. Of the three teams, which was the longest serving?

91. Who accused Rupert Murdoch's wife of being a Chinese spy during a startling live interview with Karl Stefanovic on Today?

92. Which nation won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?

93. Where did the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest take place?

94. True or false: Nine has more viewers in the 25-54 demographic than Seven?

95. Which FTA channel is screening the Big Bash League for the first time this year?

96. Name the co-star of the cult classic The Blues Brothers who was recently in Australia spruiking a brand of vodka.

97. Who won The Block Sky High?

98. Kerry O'Brien interviewed which former Australian prime minister in a four-part series on ABC1 this year?

99. In the final scenes of Breaking Bad, what object did Walter White leave on the payphone?

100. What is the air date for Andrew Bolt's new political commentary show on the ABC?


1. Amy Robach
2. Tim Dormer
4. Mitch and Cam. Australia
6. Paul Barry
Kylie Minogue
Tom Gleisner
Idris Elba
Dan and Steph Mulheron, Queensland
Hillford Girls' Grammar School
Brooke Satchwell
The Wheelers
Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings
Birgitte Nyborg played by Sidse Babett Knudsen
Jacs Holt
A girl
Ash Park
Peter Helliar
Elisabeth Moss
Upper Middle Bogan
Samantha Armytage
The Killing
Criss Chros, hot-dog seller
Eclampsia brought on by childbirth
Game of Thrones
Edna Krabappel (Marcia Wallace died in October)
Kenneth Ellen Parcell (aka Kenneth the page)
Channel Seven
31. Joe Miller, his best friend's dad
Asher Keddie
Cleaning up murder scenes/industrial cleaning in Mr and Mrs Murder
Marco Pierre White
Karl Stefanovic
37. Four
Lucille Ball
Edwina Bartholomew
40. Baby Spice - Geri Halliwell
John Hurt
Underbelly (as Squizzy Taylor), Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Charlie Street), Small Time Gangster (Charlie Donald).
SL/R Torana
G. K. Chesterton
Executed drug trafficker Van Nguyen
46. Tyrion Lannister
47. John Lithgow
The Lifestyle Channel
Two months
December 3 in NSW, December 10 in Victoria.
Ray Meagher, for Alf in Home & Away, 25 years and counting
55. Peppa Pig
Todd Sampson
Elmore Leonard
Jack Thompson.
60. ''We hope you're as happy as we have been, love Dave and Julie Rafter.''
Natasha Exelby
63. True, repeats now screen on ABC2.
64. President Jed Bartlet, The West Wing
Jimmy McGovern
Jabbed Sonya Pemberton
Clare Bowditch
Parents and children
70. Hayman
Frances O'Connor
Rusty, kelpie 73. Brett Climo, Sons and Daughters
Annabel Crabb
Alison Bell Laid
76.Australia You're Standing In It
Australia's Got Talent
Sam Lane
Dame Edna Everage
Oprah and Lance Armstrong. Bonus answer: Five ''yes'' replies.
82. Jim Maxwell
Luke Darcy
Lisa Wilkinson
Molly Meldrum
86. Lawrence Mooney, Dirty Laundry Live
Julie Bishop, Anthony Albanese, Adam Bandt
Helen Kapalos on Today Tonight
Tony Abbott
90. Hughsey and Kate (13 years)
Clive Palmer
93. Malmo, Sweden
96. Dan Ackroyd
Alisa and Lysandra Fraser
Paul Keating
His watch
Trick question - no such show is planned.

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