Woman pleads guilty to animal cruelty

A Plumpton woman has been fined a $2250 after pleading guilty to three counts of neglect to three dogs.

The dogs were seized by an Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW inspector last year.

All were in poor condition - one with its collar painfully embedded in its neck, requiring surgery.

“When I first looked over the fence and the cattle pup jumped  up, I could smell rotting flesh and knew something was wrong,’’ AWL inspector Ian Hughes said.

‘‘When I saw how deeply the collar was embedded I realised urgent vet care was needed.”

The dog required extensive surgery – in which the biggest challenge was finding enough undamaged skin around the neck to close the wound.

The woman faced court on Thursday (January 23), where she pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to provide adequate care to an animal. 

She was fined $750 on each count.Full costs of $4410 were awarded to AWL and the woman was banned from owning or acquiring an animal for two years.

The dog with the collar injury has recovered well after treatment and is now in foster care and hoping to find a new home.“All animals are entitled to be treated humanely,’’ Mr Hughes said.‘‘

AWL Inspectors are on the case and will continue to investigate - and prosecute where appropriate - anyone who is cruel or neglectful to animals.”

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