Bashing leaves a tragic legacy

Arthur Menzies shakes his head whenever he hears about the latest brutal bashings on Sydney's streets.

The Tregear resident knows the anguish of the victims' families, having been in their shoes 23 years ago.

His son Bob never returned home after being attacked by three men outside the Dimensions club in St Marys in October 1990 and having to be resuscitated on the street.

After being in a coma for a month and in hospital for seven, Bob, now 45, has been in nursing homes ever since.

"It upsets me these bashings still happen," Mr Menzies, 85, told the Star.

"They're a constant reminder of what happened to my son."

Bob, then 22, had two young children and a job as a plasterboard deliverer when he went out with his brother that fateful Friday night.

While Bob defied doctors by learning to talk again has never learned to walk.

"He doesn't like being in the nursing home and wants to die," Mr Menzies said.

"He told the nurses not to revive him if he has another fit. It's such a shame. He can't walk, feed or bathe himself. The only time he goes out is on his birthday and at Christmas."

While Bob later received $50,000 compensation, his attackers were never caught.

Mr Menzies still hopes they will be before the courts one day.

"It would give a bit of satisfaction to Bob and to me," he said.

"It's disgusting my son has been in hospital and nursing homes for 23 years while they're probably still out their enjoying their lives."

Mr Menzies had this advice for young people heading out for the night: "Look after yourself and be careful".

"There are a lot of idiots out there who can't keep their hands in their pockets and think they're kings of the castle.

"They go out to king hit people on purpose.

"They think it's a big joke to bash someone and go out the next week to do the same thing again.

"They should be in jail. If a boxer punched someone and killed them, that would be murder."

He welcomed some of the new measures announced by Premier Barry O'Farrell last week to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence [see page 13] but called for tougher sentences.

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