Public primary school costs $3600 a year

A report released by the Australian Scholarship Group estimates it will cost families more than $3000 to send a child to primary school in 2014.

The survey asked 7000 parents with children in government, systemic and private schools to estimate the yearly cost — including tuition, computer and internet fees, extracurricular activities, clothing, books, stationery and travel expenses — of their child's education.

It found parents of primary aged children pay up to $3590 at public schools, up to $6747 at systemic schools such as Catholic, and up to $17,080 for a private school education.

Families who chose public schools for their children were likely to spend more on extracurricular activities than school fees ($1705 on activities compared with $597 in fees).

The future of the Schoolkids Bonus, which has helped parents with school expenses, is in doubt. Eligible families will still receive their January payments.