Smiles as Annabelle looks to first day

Norma De Giorgio isn’t expecting any tears when her daughter Annabelle, 4, becomes a kindergarten pupil at Oxley Park Public School on February 3. 

The Luddenham resident said it was easy watching her third child go off to school. 

‘‘Because she’s in the preschool [next to the school] and familiar with it, she’ll just go off to class — I don’t think there will be any tears,’’ she said. ‘‘They’ve given them words they are going to learn in their first term. Preschool was really good: she learnt to write her name and she’s always drawing.’’ 

Annabelle has older brothers Blake, 9, and Hayden, 6, to watch out for her and won’t be short of company in the playground.

 At least five of her preschool friends will join her there.

 ‘‘I’m excited,’’ she said. ‘‘I don’t know [what it will be like].’’ 

At orientation Annabelle made a cardboard crown and decorated it with animals and flowers, while parents were told what to expect of the 2014 school year. 

Mrs De Giorgio said an XO laptop had been allocated to each child at the school. ‘‘When Annabelle goes to kindergarten they will put her name on an XO and that will move with her

through every year of school,’’ she said. ‘‘The principal said that the Department of Education has brought in digital learning, so kids need them now.’’

Annabelle De Giorgio can't wait to start school. Picture: Gary Warrick

Annabelle De Giorgio can't wait to start school. Picture: Gary Warrick


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