All aboard! If you can manage it

Lack of access at Rooty Hill train station has been overlooked once again, residents feel.

Blacktown station has had lift and lighting improvements, general repairs and a clean-up, but less mobile commuters from Rooty Hill remain stranded.

The Blacktown station upgrade was part of the state government's $3.1 million program to replace four outdated hydraulic lifts with airconditioned and wheelchair-friendly electric lifts with Braille signage.

But while there is a ramp running from one side of Rooty Hill station to the other, a flight of stairs is the only way travellers can reach the platforms.

It's been five years since the Blacktown Older Women's Network approached the Star about the problem.

Mount Druitt MP Richard Amery, who has campaigned for the lifts for many years, said he would step up the fight when Parliament resumes this month.

He said he was surprised to hear about the Blacktown refurbishment.

"This government upgrades major stations instead of starting on the small stations, where the money needs to be spent," he said.

"I thought Rooty Hill would be further up the list than Blacktown."

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian insisted she was passionate about improving access for those with a disability.

"That's why we set up the $770 million program to deliver more and better infrastructure at a faster rate for the elderly and those with a disability who deserve access to public transport, too," she said.

"So far we've begun or completed work on 120 projects across NSW and have made 20 extra stations accessible since coming to government.

"Rooty Hill will be considered for future upgrades as part of this program.

"The former Labor government was only completing one or two easy-access upgrades a year at stations. At that rate it would have taken 90 years to upgrade all the stations on the network."

The Star was inundated with support for lifts at Rooty Hill on our Facebook page. Below are some of the comments.

■ It's 2014. They should all have lifts. Natalie Solway

■ We need lifts at Rooty Hill and Doonside. I'm sick of hearing about costs. Commuters there pay fares like everybody else. We pay more if we get off at Blacktown or Mount Druitt to use a lift then catch a cab to Doonside or Rooty Hill. Rooty Hill is where every prime minister comes when up for election. We have sport fields but if we couldn't get lifts for the Olympics or Wonderland we'll never get them. I use Rooty Hill station five days a week and I'm fed up!Sharon Cabban

■ Rooty Hill station desperately needs ramps or lifts. St Marys and Mount Druitt just need a bit of a facelift. They're medium stations between Penrith and Blacktown.Leam Mark Farrar

■ Rooty Hill and Doonside need lifts but Blacktown, St Marys and Mount Druitt are fine.Nate Nelson

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