Four sets of twins in good hands at school

THE start of the school year was doubly delightful for the kindergarten teachers who welcomed four sets of twins to their classrooms at Holy Family Primary School, Emerton, last month.

The decision over splitting the siblings between classes or keeping them together became an important one for parents as they prepared for the milestone.

Olga Graf chose to place her daughters Sepuita and Jocelyn in separate classes.

"I didn't want them to rely on each other all the time," she said.

"They're together at home and bounce off each other a lot. At school it is different so they can have their own thinking space.

"Because they've been in preschool there's no separation anxiety."

Katherine Wilson said her daughters Jasmine and Marybella were best kept together as one was more reticent and benefits from the support of her twin.

‘‘One was so ready and one wasn't but they stick to each other,’’ she said.

‘‘Marybella just couldn’t wait.  She watched her sister start school last year so it was all very exciting. I think she had her uniform on while it was still bed time [early] in the morning.’’

Rebecca Thiong said her daughter Apui and son Akuod tended to argue because of their different personalities, but looked out for each other.

"When one is cranky the other is supportive, so it was easy to keep them together," she said.

Antonella Orlando said she would consider separating her daughters Liliana and Sophia next year.

‘‘When it comes to learning they are put into different groups anyway,’’ she said.

‘‘Mine go into class together, but their literacy group is different, mathematics is different and craft is different.’’

For Apui and the other twins, school has been fun so far.

''I liked colouring the letters — a, p, u, i, w, s, y,’’ she said.

‘‘My brother likes to play with cars.’’

Sepuita was also pleased with the start to her primary school career.

‘‘I played with my friends and I had fun at school,’’ she said.

‘‘I like playing with lego and we ate lunch with our buddies and played outside.’’

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