Sydney DJ Marcotix emerges as key player in Bali drugs case

A Sydney DJ who performs under the moniker ''Marcotix'' has emerged as another key player in the Bali drugs case that has landed tourist Leeza Tracey Ormsby in prison facing a possible 20-year sentence.

Marco Mazzucco, 35, admitted to local police that he gave Ms Ormsby the keys to a Kuta villa that contained a large amount of hashish, MDMA and drug paraphernalia stashed in a locked drawer.

Police arrested the pair outside the villa on February 12 and found the keys to the room and the drawer in Ms Ormsby's hands.

She was not staying at the complex and has denied the drugs were hers, although she admitted owning a joint found in her handbag, Denpasar police chief Djoko Hariutomo said.

Mr Mazzucco, who lives in Tamarama, was questioned by police for almost 12 hours before being released that night and flying back to Australia. Mr Mazzucco was seen by staff regularly riding his scooter to the Kuta villa rented by Sydney rock musician Azaria Byrne and his girlfriend.

Mr Byrne left Bali the night before Ms Ormsby's arrest and one day before his intended departure. Villa Askara staff said Mr Mazzucco recommended Mr Byrne and his girlfriend stay at the villa and brought them to the reception where they booked the room for four nights.

Ms Ormsby knows Mr Byrne, his girlfriend and Mr Mazzucco through the Sydney music scene and they were regularly seen together at Villa Askara.

Ms Ormsby has been involved with the Subsonic Music Festival and record label, co-founded by Mr Mazzucco and Surry Hills man Scott Commens.

Mr Mazzucco DJs under the name Marcotix and plays at raves and ''bush doof'' festivals for ''everyone from the glowstick-pushing adolescents to the older clubbed-out 'music connoisseurs' '', according to his online profile.

He returned from Bali last week and saw his father in Sydney on Friday before flying to Melbourne, where he performed at a secluded bush rave on Saturday. He did not respond to requests for comment.

Ms Ormsby's lawyer said on Tuesday that everyone involved in the case was ''very important for the investigation itself and for the defence, so I hope that anyone who knows about the case can step up''.

He said Ms Ormsby was ''sad'' and was asking for healthy food and mystery novels in prison.

His father, Romano, denied his son had anything to do with the drugs and said the situation had traumatised their family.

''I'm very much upset because I don't think my son is involved in these sorts of things,'' Romano Mazzucco said.

with Amilia Rosa

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