New fun park dream project for the west

MEET the Mount Druitt developer whose dream is to bring 300 acres of fun to western Sydney.

Like many other people, Western Sydney Theme Park Pty Ltd managing director Ammar Khan has fond memories of the former Wonderland Sydney and hopes to revive the tourist attraction.

The proposed Sydney's Wonderland consists of multi-themed attractions and amusement rides and a boulevard with hotels, retail, cinemas and restaurants as part of the first stage.

Wildlife and water parks are also planned and, 10 years down the track, a stadium and convention centre.

"I got the idea from Cavill Avenue on the Gold Coast," Mr Khan told the Star.

"I want to bring the boulevard and theme park together in one place.

"I get five to 10 emails from the public every day, inquiring about the project.

"They're quite keen to see it get off the ground."

He's looking at possible locations, from Castlereagh in the west to Badgerys Creek in the south-west, and hopes to lock in a location within the next two months.

"We looked at Eastern Creek and Marsden Park but they were too expensive," he said.

"The land is the next big issue. Once we sort out the land more investors will start looking at us.

"We already have some preliminary council support."

Planning is expected to take two to three years.

A feasibility study has costed the park at $150 million, with wildlife and water parks at $80 million each.

"There would be multiple owners," Mr Khan said.

"There are three parties who are very serious. We just need to decide where it will go.

"There's been a good response to the proposal.

"Interested parties see the potential and are willing to find other backers to make it possible."

It's been Mr Khan's vision since the old Wonderland Sydney closed in 2004.

He's been working on the proposal since 2009 and publicly announced his plans while running as an independent at last year's federal election.

"I worked at Wonderland Sydney for nine years in various positions," he said.

"I was gutted when it closed.

"I wanted to see if I could save the old park and talked to everyone I could. But I had no ill feelings towards the owners — they did what they had to do at the time."

Prices will be at the "lower end of the scale" and government assistance would be needed through transport infrastructure.

Mr Khan believes Sydney's Wonderland will be as popular as Wet'n'Wild.

"There was a lot of anticipation and it went crazy when it opened," he said.

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