Wheelchair Grand Prix

WHALAN Reserve has become the chosen site for the newly formed sport, Wheelchair Grand Prix (WGP).

Chris Quinlan created the sport more than a year ago after noticing a lack of motorsports available to people in a wheelchair.

"My whole life I've grown up racing and I have been racing karts all over Australia," Mr Quinlan said.

"We thought there were wheelchair-accessible sports such as soccer and hockey but nothing to do with motorsports.

"We put the idea together and found the track."

It started in a courtyard with participants driving their electronic wheelchairs around cones.

Now the sport has grown to include a rule book, track licensing and the potential for sponsorship.

Wheelchair Grand Prix includes two speed categories: WF1 and WZ2.

WF1 enforces a total speed limit of 14km/h and WZ2 has a total speed limit of 10km/h.

As in most motorsports, the aim of the race is to cross the finishing line first.

Details: Chris Quinlan, wgp@outlook.com.au.

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