MOUNT Druitt police are warning motorists

MOUNT Druitt police are warning motorists not to leave valuables in their vehicles at car parks.

A police spokesman gave this advice after thieves stole a handbag containing several credit cards and personal information from a car parked in a shopping centre car park about 6.30pm last Sunday week, March 16.

He gave motorists these tips:

■ Lock up every time when leaving your vehicle;

■ Never leave your keys in the ignition;

■ Park in well-lit areas, and don't park back streets;

■ Never leave the keys to your vehicle on your desk at work or in easily accessible places;

■ Never label your keys with your home address or vehicle registration;

■ Never leave your automatic garage door opener in your vehicle with your GPS as many thieves simply press the home button on your GPS and drive to your premises.