Mount Druitt Hospital at risk of losing identity

There are concerns about Mount Druitt Hospital is at risk of losing its identity as administrators regard it and Blacktown as one hospital.

The Star was contacted about the recent removal of Mount Druitt Hospital sign at the entrance, amid fears it won’t be returned and instead replaced with a Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital Mount Druitt campus sign.

‘‘Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital is not one hospital,’’ volunteer coordinator Margaret Thurlow said.

‘‘They’re taking away our identity. People know it as Mount Druitt Hospital.’’

‘‘They’re taking away our identity. People know it as Mount Druitt Hospital.’’ - Margaret Thurlow

Reader Richard Hoskins posted on our Facebook page:

‘‘What would the locals say if they renamed Westmead Auburn Hospital and tell locals it is one hospital over two campuses?’’ 

Mrs Thurlow has been told the sign will be back when the entrance refurbishment is finished.

The Star couldn’t get that assurance from acting general manager David Simmonds.

He didn’t answer questions about what happened to the sign and when it will be returned.

‘‘Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital is one facility, spread over two campuses,’’ he said in a statement.

‘‘The Way Finding Committee are reviewing all signage across the two campuses, as part of the Blacktown Mount Druitt Expansion Project. Any signs that require replacement will be considered as part of this process.’’

Mrs Thurlow also wants the crucifix re-attached to the entrance wall when renovations are completed.

Currently in the hospital chapel, the crucifix is a reminder of the hospital’s early Catholic days when it was run by the nuns.

’’It was an icon at the front of the hospital,’’  Mrs Thurlow said.

’’People used to touch and kiss it. It needs to be returned to the front of the hospital, where it belongs. It has no real ties now but some people still refer to Mount Druitt as a Catholic hospital.’’

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