Bilbies in town for the show

EASTER has arrived early at Featherdale Wildlife Park with the arrival of two bilbies.

Eight-month-old George and six-month-old Baggins arrived from Dreamworld a week ago for a short stay in Sydney.

"They're doing well," Featherdale keeper Sarah Moncrieff said.

"If they're not sleeping, they're eating mealworms, meat and berries.

"They're chilled-out animals and are friendlier than the bilbies that usually come down for the show.

"But they can be temperamental."

For the next two weeks, George and Baggins will be at the Royal Easter Show, which opens on Thursday.

For many years, Featherdale has teamed up with the Save the Bilby Fund at the Show to run an Australian animal display.

As cute as bilbies are, the aim is to educate people about the endangered species.

The greater bilby once roamed 70 per cent of Australia.

Since the introduction of foxes and feral cats, the timid marsupial has been easy prey: greater bilbies have disappeared from more than 80 per cent of their former range.

"People wouldn't know a lot about them," Ms Moncrieff said.

"The bilbies are always popular at the show because they're different."

George and Baggins will appear only at the Royal Easter Show. Featherdale's long-time resident bilbies are in the nocturnal exhibit.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is open, 9am to 5pm daily, including the Easter long weekend.

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