Crossing danger: children at risk

THE stretch of Luxford Road in Emerton is an accident waiting to happen, residents say, as they launch a campaign to improve pedestrian access near the Holy Family Parish site.

Pedestrians have to wait for a break in traffic to cross four lanes.

The nearest lights are several hundred metres away in both directions.

And there are no school zone warning lights for motorists.

The site is well used with a Catholic church, store, men's shed, two pre-schools and a primary school.

Parish store manager Sonya Saliba says there should be pedestrian lights or a crossing on Luxford Road.

"It's not safe for children," she said.

"It's the main thoroughfare to Mount Druitt."

Store volunteer Ron Lawler added: "I work at the shop every day and see the cars speeding along. It takes one child to get hit and Roads and Maritime Services would have a bloodbath on its hands".

Mr Lawler had doubts about an overpass, suggested by Star readers.

"It would be great but I don't know if the kids would use it," he said.

"There should also be speed humps to slow motorists down."

In the five years to June 2013, there were no accidents involving pedestrians on Luxford Road between the traffic lights at Aurora Drive and Mangariva Avenue, an RMS spokesman said.

"Luxford Road is a regional road under the control of Blacktown Council," he said. "Pedestrian safety concerns are matters for the council. RMS will provide technical help on any proposal to improve safety on Luxford Road."

Ms Saliba pleaded with authorities to do something.

"How would you like it if your kids had to cross this road?" she said.

"Kids get distracted too easily. This is a disaster waiting to happen."

Should pedestrian access be improved here? Have you say at or join the conversation on the St Marys-Mt Druitt Star Facebook. Below is what readers have said on Facebook.

■ WHAT about a pedestrian overbridge/overpass like Carlisle Avenue has near the Great Western Highway at Old Mt Druitt? Cherie Williams

■ Maybe pedestrian controlled crossing lights would be better. There are 2 sets of lights close by so a third set would be frustrating for motorists. A pedestrian crossing would probably not work as some motorists come down the hill too fast and stopping could be a problem. I have seen many small children trying to cross four lanes of traffic on their own at 3pm. Definitely not safe. Jodie Houeis

■ Something is needed. Nate Nelson

■ It has to be done. Terrible place for children to cross and adults for that matter. Sharyn Johnson

■ Agree with the underpass. Gail Turner

■ Lights would be ridiculous considering how many are already there. Overpass would be the safest option. Karen Walsh

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